Sell or buy on Classic Cars
You can place ads on modern, classic and vintage cars. On Classic Cars, we accept ads for vehicles sold in both Italy and the rest of the world, but they are equipped with appropriate documentation demonstrating ownership or radiation from public registers. All vehicle ads that are under administrative control or constraints that make the car unavailable are not accepted. The subscriber of the advertisement assumes all responsibility for the truthfulness of the published information. Classic Cars declares to the author any claim by third parties on the published ads. PUBLICATION It is forbidden to publish photos published by third parties but only content and photographs that illustrate the actual state of the vehicle. The first photo that you will enter into the ad will be the main image, that is, the first impact for a potential buyer. It is forbidden to publish photos that do not strictly represent the subject of the ad.
Photos and Images
All images entered by users will be treated graphically with the application of a Classic Cars logo. This in order to prevent the photos of the ads published in this portal may be used by third parties for purposes without the consent of the author. Classic Cars reserves all rights to images posted, including not publishing those that are considered inadequate to Classic Cars editorial style and ad content.
Who can and how to place ads
They can place ads in the two categories (Auto and Classical Auto Parts) all private and industry companies. For companies we reserve the faculty of verification of telephone number when registering in step of entering your data. The Classic Cars team will also be able to make use of at any time and at its sole discretion, the faculty of limit the number of ads that can be published by a single private user and / or industry company.
On Classic Cars it is not possible
1) Introducing the title or description of the car and / or spare parts for classical, terms not relevant to the proposed article; Introduce links within the description and, more generally, in the ad;
2) publish owl ads that are meant to give only visibility to a brand rather than a company;
3) Publish vehicle ads or spare parts already in auction sites;
4) propose payment methods by charging prepaid cards or through monetary transaction services; Cancel ads before their minimum permanence that is stated in 30 (thirty) consecutive days unless the good has not been sold.
General Lines
The responsibility for the content of ads published on Classic Cars falls wholly about anyone who publishes it by noting that at the time of insertion he said he knew and accepted all the terms of use of this portal. Classic Cars, therefore, can not be held responsible to no title as posted and written by users; Also Classic Cars reserves the right to:
A) Make any action to be taken in the case of advertisements that they clearly break the rules described here and / or the principles and / or the line Editorial on which Classic Cars refers; B) modify and / or update portal rules at any time too without notice; C) edit and / or update ad titles to in order to make them more understandable;
It remains to be understood that Classic Cars will never be considered responsible for any direct and / or indirect damages that the advertisements may even if it has not disposed of its removal; Besides As far as anticipated, we remind you that all ads must comply all the laws and regulations currently in force in Italy publication material on specialized sites and not. In the case of publication of ads that clearly break the law and / or current regulations, a Classic Cars will provide the identity of advertisers or buyers to the forces of the order in question. IP addresses will be recorded in order to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the service provided by Classic Cars.